Never Fear, OHMA is Here!

Selecting a quality on hold messaging provider can be a daunting task for those interested in marketing to their customers while their customers are on hold. However, never fear, OHMA is here to save the day.

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 12.13.16 PMOHMA, or the On Hold Messaging Association, is a professional association focused on helping on hold messaging providers give their customers superior service. As such, OHMA has created a set of guidelines a company must adhere to in order to acquire an OHMA accreditation. For example, all businesses seeking OHMA accreditation must have been in business for a minimum of five years. Also, their company must derive over fifty percent of its revenue from on hold services, and they must show their business model meets the standards of a full service agency, which provides equipment, script writing and voicing, studio production of messages, installation of hardware and technical assistance.

Those companies who qualify for an OHMA accreditation and are not yet accredited, should strongly consider seeking accreditation as OHMA provides a plethora of beneficial services. Membership in OHMA will help your company grow while raising awareness of the value of On Hold Messaging. Not only will accreditation provide you with tools like the latest knowledge of On Hold messaging trends and technology necessary to succeed, but it will also set you apart to prospective customers from those competitors who are not members. Also, by working with an OHMA member, customers are guaranteeing comprehensive service all without the risk of working with a non OHMA certified provider.

When searching for an On Hold messaging provider, always check their website to ensure there is an OHMA logo that, when clicked, leads to the OHMA website.

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