Atlantic OnHold Helpers

Written by Kendra Jones  On a daily basis, there is an integral group of people who help with making a company’s on-hold messaging as smooth as silk at Atlantic OnHold. The work involved in creating an on-hold message masterpiece is not that simple. Let’s take a look at the helpers who run Atlantic OnHold effortlessly as read more »

Welcome 2016 Summer Interns!

If you ever get a chance to swing by our office, you will always notice two or three interns hard at work doing everything from taking the trash out, to recording their own radio spot in our studio! This summer, we are fortunate enough to have three new interns from area high schools working with read more »

What’s New With Atlantic OnHold

Written by Kendra Jones   Think about when you call a business and are put on hold. That cool music or those interesting company facts you hear as you wait is what Atlantic OnHold does so well. They make engaging custom on hold messages for businesses so customers will not get bored and continue to read more »

Pay Online & Recurring Payments

We are currently offering credit card payment options for our customers who would like an easier way to pay their bill with Atlantic OnHold. You may follow this link for a secure form that starts on our website but takes you to our processor’s https site before you enter any sensitive data. If you prefer to enroll read more »

Ubiquitous On Hold Time

  Have you noticed that large brands are mocking on hold time lately? Time Warner Cable, Progressive Insurance, and even Comcast are putting on cute commercials mocking our limited holding time. But what does that tell you as a consumer? It’s ubiquitous – we can’t escape it. Even with callback and chat options, we end read more »

Never Fear, OHMA is Here!

Selecting a quality on hold messaging provider can be a daunting task for those interested in marketing to their customers while their customers are on hold. However, never fear, OHMA is here to save the day. OHMA, or the On Hold Messaging Association, is a professional association focused on helping on hold messaging providers give read more »

Why your On Hold Script is everything!

Nobody likes being put on hold or placing someone on hold (we hope). But we as consumers and we as businesses have a mutual understanding that sometimes being put on hold is necessary. So once you have placed your customer on hold – do you want them to stay? If you DON’T want your customer read more »

Why leave your customers in silence?

Have you ever been put on hold and there’s just…(cricket chirping)….. silence? Leaving you confused, unsure what’s going on as time ticks by? We’ve all been in this situation similar to the one in the video below. You don’t want your customers to feel like they’re being left in the dark, unsure whether they were forgotten read more »

Let’s talk Radio Commercials with Our Audio Intern!

Let’s talk radio commercials. As a creator, I consider them each a challenge. A challenge to make an impact in 60 seconds or less. I love the idea that with the right combination of words, timing, and music, you can in fact, make a powerful impact in less than a minute. If you’ve ever turned read more »

The Importance of Message On Hold From Our Audio Intern

Imagine this. You’ve got a question or you need to schedule an appointment, so you Google the phone number, call the company and after a familiar greeting, what’s this? You’re placed on hold. All of a sudden you’re wondering how long it’s been. You soon realize that there’s no friendly tone to let you know read more »