Why your On Hold Script is everything!

Nobody likes being put on hold or placing someone on hold (we hope). But we as consumers and we as businesses have a mutual understanding that sometimes being put on hold is necessary. So once you have placed your customer on hold – do you want them to stay? If you DON’T want your customer to stay; go ahead with the silence, the automated “please hold”, or the dreaded beeps – they will have a negative view of your company, hang up on you, then you lose their business.


If you DO want your customers to stay, your on hold message script is extremely important. Your business needs to find the perfect balance of informative while still being entertaining in your on hold message. No one likes being placed on hold, but with the right script and music it will be an easy transition until a representative is able to talk to the customer.

Business2Community gives tips on the best way to create an on hold message and additional steps to increase customer satisfaction with this formula.

1. Apologize. – If you start your hold request with an apology,  customers know that you value them.

2. Ask for Permission. – If possible, ask the customer for permission. “One moment” or “please hold” seems rude. And/or explain why you need to put the customer on hold.

3. Check in with the Customer. – It’s important to check with the customer so they know you are working hard to resolve their issue. They need to know you haven’t abandoned them.

4. Give the Customer an Email Alert Option. – If the issue is going to take a while to resolve, offer to email the customer when the problem has been solved. 63% of customers prefer a callback option to being placed on hold.

5. Thank the Customer. – Thanking the customer for agreeing to go on hold is a simple easy gesture that is powerful.

6. Use a Fantastic Script. – This overlooked solution helps you streamline the process of putting customers on hold. It reduces stress for the customer and the business.

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We can help you with your unique script and we can assist you in recording your business’s on hold message!

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