Why leave your customers in silence?

Have you ever been put on hold and there’s just…(cricket chirping)….. silence? Leaving you confused, unsure what’s going on as time ticks by? We’ve all been in this situation similar to the one in the video below.

You don’t want your customers to feel like they’re being left in the dark, unsure whether they were forgotten or if something happened. Whatever customers feel, being left in silence leads to hanging up and having a negative view of the business. Why not fill that silence with an informative and entertaining On Hold Message?

Our On Hold Messaging services provide you and your business with the best message that fits your company. We make our messages more conversational than formal and deliver them in an effective way. Fill the silence with an on hold message and use the opportunity for low-cost marketing to your clients.

Call Atlantic OnHold today to capitalize your customers’ on hold time! 919-832-2220

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