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Think about when you call a business and are put on hold. That cool music or those interesting company facts you hear as you wait is what Atlantic OnHold does so well. They make engaging custom on hold messages for businesses so customers will not get bored and continue to hang tight while being transferred to a representative. When callers stay on the line revenues increase and costs decrease.

Donald Best, lead engineer of Atlantic OnHold, has been a part of the OnHold family for about 3.5 years. He gives us the inside scoop of what happens at Atlantic OnHold–from what’s new to what direction the company is heading next.

Donald and mic

Audio Engineer Donald Best

Best says Atlantic OnHold is working on going in a different direction with on hold messaging. They are seeking to capture sounds from natural sources to help people feel as though they are in a story. The goal is to create on hold messaging that makes people feel like they are actually in the business they are contacting.

“Something more interesting than just music and voice,” Best explained, “We like to maybe have something with sound effects.”

Donald mentioned a project where the audio team recorded live sounds such as auto service repairmen working on cars and people chattering. This idea of pre-recording live sounds would be the basis of future on hold messaging produced.

Voice talent for Atlantic OnHold comes from a wide array of areas. The company has a reputable relationship with several talents–plenty are local to Raleigh whereas others are outsourced from different states such as California or Washington.

Many of the voice talent that are not local have their own studios to record their voices for projects. The non-local talent would send their scripts via email and a digital file of their voice, also by email. Donald Best would then piece the on-hold messaging project together.

Donna and mic

Donna Mason

The Atlantic OnHold in-house voice talent is Donna Mason, who has provided her professional voice to a variety of on hold messaging projects. Best said having an in-house voice talent makes the process easier because projects can be fixed quicker, conveniently.

Donald Best shares his full insight about Atlantic OnHold in an interview. Take a listen.

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