Ubiquitous On Hold Time


On hold marketingHave you noticed that large brands are mocking on hold time lately? Time Warner Cable, Progressive Insurance, and even Comcast are putting on cute commercials mocking our limited holding time. But what does that tell you as a consumer? It’s ubiquitous – we can’t escape it. Even with callback and chat options, we end up being on hold more than we should be. So what are some possible solutions for companies who have unavoidable hold time? Should they put a disclaimer message beforehand that says “Our call volume is higher than normal”? Well, nowadays nobody believes it, so that option will not work!

They should have an informative and entertaining on hold message that should never say, “Thank you for holding” and if it does it better not say it more than once. The message should not broadcast radio commercials because people have already called them – the goal is to keep the person on the line long enough so that they can buy the product or get the service they require. Because they’re already interested in the business keep them interested, don’t anger them. And by all means, don’t have another voice that interrupts the message that says anything other than an actual place on the queue. If you’re going to relay helpful information such as “You’re second in line” or “the estimated hold time is now 30 seconds” than by all means interrupt the message. However, anything else will just irritate them and make them wonder why your company doesn’t hire more people for the call center.

Want to hear an effective on hold message? Maybe even one that gets people to ask to be placed on hold again? Check out some of these from our Atlantic OnHold vaults.


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