Let’s talk Radio Commercials with Our Audio Intern!


Listen to this radio spot here!

Let’s talk radio commercials. As a creator, I consider them each a challenge. A challenge to make an impact in 60 seconds or less. I love the idea that with the right combination of words, timing, and music, you can in fact, make a powerful impact in less than a minute. If you’ve ever turned up the volume on your favorite commercial, laughed at the silly way they said something, or got a part stuck in your head for any amount of time, then someone did something right. What’s really neat about radio commercials, is that although they share some characteristics, they are each individualized for a specific end goal. Maybe the client wants to bring awareness to an economic issue or remind the public of a sale or event happening this weekend. Each commercial has its own story to tell and just like any narrative, it needs description. This is where the fun part comes in. When the story needs to be summed up in a minute or less, you have to use every route there is to add description. Radio commercials use a combination of background music and sound effects to help. These are all important factors when telling a story in 60 seconds or less. Radio is one of the many ways that businesses can get their messages heard and with the right radio spot, those important 60 seconds will be well utilized to reach the listener’s ears. Just how much of an impact does radio make? Here’s an example. Just this past month, Amazon held it’s first global sale event called Amazon Prime Day that included TV, online, and radio advertising. Forbes posted the results of an IPSOS study that concluded that 52% of people exposed to radio ads made a purchase as opposed to the 48% that saw online ads and the mere 39% that were exposed to television ads. What does this mean? It means that radio works. Why not be the next company that gets your story heard?

Learn more here: Radio: The All-But-Forgotten Medium With The Biggest Reach

By: Courtney Baggett


Courtney is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in sound design at the Savannah College of Art & Design. This summer she was our audio intern 😀


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