Do you feel important when you’re on hold?

“Please stay on hold for the next available representative. We’ll be with you momentarily.” Ever found yourself in a situation similar to this video?


We bet you got annoyed quite a few times listening to endless phone beeps and pitches of how important you are to people whom you’re calling. Your customers get annoyed too! Turns out the whole waiting thing has a fancy name to it and can actually be pretty useful for business. It’s called On Hold Marketing, and it does not have to be annoying to your caller!

On Hold Marketing or messaging is a service used by businesses and organizations of all sizes to deliver information to their callers waiting on hold or while they are being transferred. According to studies, 80% of calls are put on hold every time they call a business. And callers wait up to 70% longer when they hear interesting information on a product or service.

An On Hold Marketing System is not just a cost-effective way to promote your business. It’s the most inexpensive targeted marketing solution available.

On Hold Marketing is all about finding the right words and delivering them in an effective way. And this is what the Atlantic OnHold team has always been so good at – telling a good story. Here are the guidelines we stick to when creating on hold marketing messages for our clients:

  • We get right to the point without unnecessary word clutter
  • We make our messages conversational rather than formal for callers to relate and tune in
  • We avoid caller frustration by not repeating lines over and over
  • We introduce that nice bit of humor into our work which everyone would appreciate in the midst of a busy day

In Atlantic OnHold, we will always find a right approach to your audience. If a caller has an issue, they would be less receptive to an announcer with a higher or vibrant pitch to their voice. For a younger audience, a deep or commanding vocal style might not be the right choice to captivate your caller. We will record your marketing message in the tone and pace that would be right for your business.

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