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Kendra_smallWritten by Kendra Jones 

On a daily basis, there is an integral group of people who help with making a company’s on-hold messaging as smooth as silk at Atlantic OnHold. The work involved in creating an on-hold message masterpiece is not that simple. Let’s take a look at the helpers who run Atlantic OnHold effortlessly as a team.


                     Russ Reynolds & Marguerite LeBlanc

RussMarguerite Lower Thirds

The Founder/Salesman and The Payroll Specialist

Russ, the founder of Atlantic OnHold, is in charge of selling each prospective client on-hold marketing packages. He consults with prospects to determine the best on-hold marketing plan for them, which includes suggesting how often the prospect should change messages, and determining the equipment necessary to create their on-hold message. Russ also encourages prospects to develop creative messages to capture callers’ attention.

Marguerite handles the day-to-day financial aspects of Atlantic On-Hold including accounts receivable and accounts payable and payroll.

Donna Mason


The In-House On-Air Talent

Donna ensures that clients’ scripts are up-to-date which involves calling them to make sure the clients have not added any new information about their company or if old information needs to be omitted. Donna also writes on-hold messaging scripts and records voice-overs for on-hold messaging projects.

Donald Best & Dustin Painter

DonaldDustin Lower Thirds

Audio Recording Engineers

Donald and Dustin are both involved in the on-hold messaging process, respectively, from start to finish.

The process includes tasks such as recording and editing voice-overs, making sure each company’s on-hold message has appropriate music, and uploading the messages to the companies for its on-hold systems. If a company needs to rent an on-hold box, then Donald and Dustin would then place the message onto an Atlantic OnHold box and issue it to the client for the duration of their partnership.

Once all of these steps are taken, callers can hear the company’s on-hold messages as they wait patiently to speak to a representative.

When Donald is not in the office, Dustin is the audio recording engineer on staff, vice versa. Sometimes the two work on on-hold projects together and even remotely.


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