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We are currently offering credit card payment options for our customers who would like an easier way to pay their bill with Atlantic OnHold. You may follow this link for a secure form that starts on our website but takes you to our processor’s https site before you enter any sensitive data.

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If you prefer to enroll in recurring payments please call our office and ask for Donna Mason. If there’s any way that we can make your billing or Atlantic OnHold experience better please let us know!

Why your On Hold Script is everything!

Nobody likes being put on hold or placing someone on hold (we hope). But we as consumers and we as businesses have a mutual understanding that sometimes being put on hold is necessary. So once you have placed your customer on hold – do you want them to stay? If you DON’T want your customer to stay; go ahead with the silence, the automated “please hold”, or the dreaded beeps – they will have a negative view of your company, hang up on you, then you lose their business.


If you DO want your customers to stay, your on hold message script is extremely important. Your business needs to find the perfect balance of informative while still being entertaining in your on hold message. No one likes being placed on hold, but with the right script and music it will be an easy transition until a representative is able to talk to the customer.

Business2Community gives tips on the best way to create an on hold message and additional steps to increase customer satisfaction with this formula.

1. Apologize. – If you start your hold request with an apology,  customers know that you value them.

2. Ask for Permission. – If possible, ask the customer for permission. “One moment” or “please hold” seems rude. And/or explain why you need to put the customer on hold.

3. Check in with the Customer. – It’s important to check with the customer so they know you are working hard to resolve their issue. They need to know you haven’t abandoned them.

4. Give the Customer an Email Alert Option. – If the issue is going to take a while to resolve, offer to email the customer when the problem has been solved. 63% of customers prefer a callback option to being placed on hold.

5. Thank the Customer. – Thanking the customer for agreeing to go on hold is a simple easy gesture that is powerful.

6. Use a Fantastic Script. – This overlooked solution helps you streamline the process of putting customers on hold. It reduces stress for the customer and the business.

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We can help you with your unique script and we can assist you in recording your business’s on hold message!

Why leave your customers in silence?

Have you ever been put on hold and there’s just…(cricket chirping)….. silence? Leaving you confused, unsure what’s going on as time ticks by? We’ve all been in this situation similar to the one in the video below.

You don’t want your customers to feel like they’re being left in the dark, unsure whether they were forgotten or if something happened. Whatever customers feel, being left in silence leads to hanging up and having a negative view of the business. Why not fill that silence with an informative and entertaining On Hold Message?

Our On Hold Messaging services provide you and your business with the best message that fits your company. We make our messages more conversational than formal and deliver them in an effective way. Fill the silence with an on hold message and use the opportunity for low-cost marketing to your clients.

Call Atlantic OnHold today to capitalize your customers’ on hold time! 919-832-2220

Let’s talk Radio Commercials with Our Audio Intern!


Listen to this radio spot here!

Let’s talk radio commercials. As a creator, I consider them each a challenge. A challenge to make an impact in 60 seconds or less. I love the idea that with the right combination of words, timing, and music, you can in fact, make a powerful impact in less than a minute. If you’ve ever turned up the volume on your favorite commercial, laughed at the silly way they said something, or got a part stuck in your head for any amount of time, then someone did something right. What’s really neat about radio commercials, is that although they share some characteristics, they are each individualized for a specific end goal. Maybe the client wants to bring awareness to an economic issue or remind the public of a sale or event happening this weekend. Each commercial has its own story to tell and just like any narrative, it needs description. This is where the fun part comes in. When the story needs to be summed up in a minute or less, you have to use every route there is to add description. Radio commercials use a combination of background music and sound effects to help. These are all important factors when telling a story in 60 seconds or less. Radio is one of the many ways that businesses can get their messages heard and with the right radio spot, those important 60 seconds will be well utilized to reach the listener’s ears. Just how much of an impact does radio make? Here’s an example. Just this past month, Amazon held it’s first global sale event called Amazon Prime Day that included TV, online, and radio advertising. Forbes posted the results of an IPSOS study that concluded that 52% of people exposed to radio ads made a purchase as opposed to the 48% that saw online ads and the mere 39% that were exposed to television ads. What does this mean? It means that radio works. Why not be the next company that gets your story heard?

Learn more here: Radio: The All-But-Forgotten Medium With The Biggest Reach

By: Courtney Baggett


Courtney is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in sound design at the Savannah College of Art & Design. This summer she was our audio intern 😀


The Importance of Message On Hold From Our Audio Intern

Imagine this. You’ve got a question or you need to schedule an appointment, so you Google the phone number, call the company and after a familiar greeting, what’s this? You’re placed on hold. All of a sudden you’re wondering how long it’s been. You soon realize that there’s no friendly tone to let you know you’re still on hold. Are you even still connected? Do they even know you’re still here? You hang up just to try again later and deal with the same frustrations.


Now let’s try this again. You’ve got a question or you need to schedule an appointment, so you Google the phone number, call the company and after a familiar greeting, what’s this? You’re placed on hold. All of a sudden, you hear an advertisement for a service you’ve been considering. You think to yourself “I’ve been needing to get that done anyway, better take care of that today.” Next you’re being reminded of the hours of operation and you’re thinking “wow, I didn’t even know they were open that late! How convenient!” After a few more quick messages, you’re on the line again with the business and everything is being scheduled. What’s different about the second call? There’s less frustration and less wasted time. Not only has the caller forgotten they were on hold, they received important information and the business utilized that time to give their customers that information.

One of the most precious things that we cannot get back is time, so why are so many people wasting it? On-Hold messages are the best way to utilize the time spent waiting on the phone for both the customers and the business. As a customer, valuable information is streaming to you while you wait, or perhaps you are solely being entertained. As a business, every phone wait is an advertising opportunity or a chance to make your customers happy. Best of all, the customer’s happiness translates over to the conversation, making it a much smoother business transaction. Businesses are always looking for ways to keep their customers satisfied and On-Hold messages are a win-win. If there is silence during a phone wait, then there is a missed opportunity.

By: Courtney Baggett

Courtney is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in sound design at the Savannah College of Art & Design. This summer she was our audio intern 😀


Have you updated your phone system in the past 6 months?

Technology is rapidly changing. Not many people have a rotary dial phones anymore. Companies are updating to new phone systems like VOIPs. This information is important to share with your message on hold company. If you have updated your phone system in the past 6 months contact us so we can make sure we get you the right equipment or audio files.

oldphone  vs.   voip-business-phone-system

If you have any questions please feel free to post them below.

Do you feel important when you’re on hold?

“Please stay on hold for the next available representative. We’ll be with you momentarily.” Ever found yourself in a situation similar to this video?


We bet you got annoyed quite a few times listening to endless phone beeps and pitches of how important you are to people whom you’re calling. Your customers get annoyed too! Turns out the whole waiting thing has a fancy name to it and can actually be pretty useful for business. It’s called On Hold Marketing, and it does not have to be annoying to your caller!

On Hold Marketing or messaging is a service used by businesses and organizations of all sizes to deliver information to their callers waiting on hold or while they are being transferred. According to studies, 80% of calls are put on hold every time they call a business. And callers wait up to 70% longer when they hear interesting information on a product or service.

An On Hold Marketing System is not just a cost-effective way to promote your business. It’s the most inexpensive targeted marketing solution available.

On Hold Marketing is all about finding the right words and delivering them in an effective way. And this is what the Atlantic OnHold team has always been so good at – telling a good story. Here are the guidelines we stick to when creating on hold marketing messages for our clients:

  • We get right to the point without unnecessary word clutter
  • We make our messages conversational rather than formal for callers to relate and tune in
  • We avoid caller frustration by not repeating lines over and over
  • We introduce that nice bit of humor into our work which everyone would appreciate in the midst of a busy day

In Atlantic OnHold, we will always find a right approach to your audience. If a caller has an issue, they would be less receptive to an announcer with a higher or vibrant pitch to their voice. For a younger audience, a deep or commanding vocal style might not be the right choice to captivate your caller. We will record your marketing message in the tone and pace that would be right for your business.

Call Atlantic OnHold today to capitalize your customers’ on hold time! 919-832-2220

Music Plagiarism & The Art Of Sound A-likes

“A good composer does not imitate: he steals.”

-Igor Stravinsky

Usually when someone like Stravinsky, a man of immense talent and knowledge in the field of music, gives you advice you want to take it and apply it to your own work. Unfortunately, in this case, stealing ideas from songs/compositions will get you into some serious legal trouble (especially today).

Take for example this recent event: Tom Petty has been awarded songwriting royalties for Sam Smith’s hit “Stay With Me.” Apparently people started to sing along to this song with lyrics from Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down” and realized they were eerily similar. It seems Tom Petty thought so too. Have a listen to this mash up and you’ll hear similarities in the chorus melody.

This isn’t nearly the first case of plagiarism in recent memory of popular hits. Remember the Coldplay song “Viva La Vida?” I’m sure Joe Satriani does…

What is the one common factor that has allowed these artists to have a case against another artist? The melody! Within music copyright laws you can not sue for someone using the same chord progression. If that were the case no one would be able to write a song destined for radio airplay (which is a whole other soapbox moment I may get into at a later date).

But what are you to do if you want something similar to your favorite song but can not pay to afford the fees to license that specific track? It’s obvious many people like specific genres for a reason. With the way the music business is working currently there is bound to be an attitude of “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.” There just may be a formula to produce an instant hit…

The reason I bring this up is because in the world of marketing it is understandable that people will want a big hit song for their video. They might even want a number one hit for their on hold messages! With the cost of licensing fees and the consequences of not paying those fees if you use the track what is a smart alternative? A sound alike!

Yes it is possible to have a song that sounds similar to the hit song you want but will avoid copyright infringements. Remember, the copying of melodic content is what will get you into hot water with copyright law. This does not apply to using similar instrumentation, gestures, tempo/song speed, or chords. The idea of a sound alike track isn’t new either. It has been used frequently in many mediums for quite a while. One of my personal favorite examples is the classic Animaniacs cartoon “West Side Pigeons.” Besides the title alluding to the great “West Side Story” you can hear how similar the music is to the work of Leonard Bernstein.


The same ideas can be applied to any genre of music: pop, rock, indie, hip hop, etc. I will always try to advocate for creating original content BUT if you are in desperate need of something that sounds like the latest radio hit, yet can’t afford the song itself, a sound alike could be the answer for you.

Do you prefer an original composition for your marketing content or do you think a sound alike track would bring in more attention and suit a production better? Let me know in the comments!

– Dustin



A First Class Recording

The other day I received a call from one of our long time on hold customers, First Class Automotive. They wanted a creative on hold message like our Audio Tour. Since they were located right up the street Dustin and I decided to go and record some sounds to complete their customized audio tour.

Portable recording device

Portable recording device

You have to be in the right stance to record accurately..

You have to be in the right stance to record accurately…

Recording some awesome sounds in the shop!

Recording some awesome sounds in the shop!


Meet Dustin Painter!

Hello to all of you out there reading this on your computer screens, phones, tablets, and all forms of electronic devices! My name is Dustin Painter and I’m the new audio guy at Blueforest Studios here in Raleigh, North Carolina. The higher ups wanted me to write a blog post to introduce myself so here it goes!

IMG_0715-e1419954881480I started working here in November teaming up with our insanely talented lead audio producer Donald Best. Together we work on tracking and editing voiceovers, audio mixing, and audio production for clients that come to us for video production. We also serve multiple businesses and groups here in Raleigh as their on hold message producers. Whenever you hear someone telling you about the location you just called over the phone with some catchy background music there is a good chance you are hearing our work!

We take pride in producing excellent quality audio work for our message on hold and video production teams here at Blueforest Studios. Have you ever watched a video online, maybe even on TV, and thought to yourself “something doesn’t seem quite right here…?” The production value of the video looks great, the acting is superb, and the story the company is trying to convey is being told in a solid manner. If you are thinking something might be off it is probably because the audio has been thrown on the backburner during the production process and simply placed in. I can tell you one thing: that does not happen here!

The purpose of audio is so much more than just you hearing what someone is talking about in a marketing campaign.  Nobody wants low quality audio in their videos. Even when you watch TV how many times are you actually watching? It’s easy for us to flip the tube on and go about working on different tasks. Maybe you’re cleaning the house, or cooking, or even just have it on for background noise. Why is it so easy to still enjoy TV even if you aren’t watching it? Perfect audio is why! Audio, even without the visual aspect, can bring you into whatever medium you are exposing your attention to. Audio is a vital part of storytelling and very well may be the most immersive part. What else in the audio realm is important for videos? Music! This is where I hope to come in and and to help you out personally here at Blueforest Studios: original music designed specifically to YOUR needs.

Outside of my work here at Blueforest Studios I work as a freelance composer and sound designer for film, TV, videos games, and any form of media possible. I studied “Commercial and Electronic” music at Western Carolina University here in the mountains of NC and was lucky enough to do graduate studies at the University of Southern California in the “Scoring For Film and Television” program. During my time in Los Angeles I had the chance to study with some pretty incredible composers such as Christopher Young (Spider-Man 3, The Rum Diary, Sinister), Bruce Broughton (Silverado, Tiny Toon Adventures, Lost In Space), and Garry Schyman (Bioshock Series, Dante’s Inferno, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor) among many others.

As a composer my purpose is to bring you into the heart of the story. Music should help to propel the piece of media forward into a part of your brain that will make you remember what you just saw. It is all about making a personal connection to the viewer! Once again, how many times have you had something on in the background while working and know exactly what is on because of the music that’s playing? For a large group of people it’s because they know the music but there are also people who don’t even realize that it’s the music they remember! Music not only works directly on viewers but can access a subconscious level of the brain to tell them how to feel, what is happening, and can engrain itself into the memory without you even knowing it’s there.

With all of that said I want to help bring your story, your product, your ideas, or even your on hold message to the forefront of people online, on the phone, and everywhere! I feel very lucky to not only to make music and sound as a career but to also have the chance to do it here at Blueforest Studios with some of the most talented, creative, and kind people you’ll find in the business of marketing and video production.

Of course there are some times when trying to create that right piece of music feels like this:


Then an idea comes along and it feels like this:


 Finally a music track that fits just right is made and both I and the client I’m working for can sit back and know their video is ready for everyone to see!


Now that I’ve talked your ears off, or I suppose typed your eyes out, feel free to check out this playlist of some various work I’ve done on projects!

I hope you enjoyed what you’ve heard. Thanks for a few moments of your time and I hope to work with you all very soon!

Dustin Painter