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What makes Atlantic OnHold resonate?

Experience. Quality. Creativity. Our sound production roots started in the ‘80s with national brands, then transformed into specifically targeted audio marketing (think radio spots, messages on hold, podcasts, IVR recordings and more). Raleigh’s Atlantic OnHold delivers a powerful punch—premium sound quality, rare expertise and award-winning creativity. So whenever your customers listen—whether it’s on hold, on the radio, online or elsewhere—we grab their attention. Our in-depth analysis of your brand combines with outside-the-box creativity to give you the power to engage, inform, persuade and entertain your customers. Which in turn, of course, impacts your bottom line.
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We turn “Hold Time” on its ear

When a customer calls your business, that short time they spend on hold can be an opportunity. So take it! This is a fantastic chance to inform, persuade, empower or even entertain; if a customer has to be placed on hold, it’s the perfect channel to deliver impactful marketing (and share some personality).

First Citizens Bank, the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce, the North Carolina Medical Society, and the NC Automobile Dealers Association—these organizations and many others rely on our audio marketing expertise. We’ve delivered a lot of listening ears to many great clients…at times that could easily have resulted in quiet, non-productive reflection instead.

We listen. We learn. We write.

At Atlantic OnHold, every message on hold begins with listening…from our end. Our in-house scriptwriters immerse themselves in whatever it is you’d like your callers to hear—whether it’s the history of your business or the special of the week. And if you’re not sure what messaging you’d like to offer, we can guide you there too.


Tones, Tunes & Special effects

Want a sound that’s right on target? Our expert pool of professional voice talent—along with an extensive music and sound effects library—personifies your brand just as you envision.

State-of-the-art production facilities, exceptional engineers and a forward-thinking team make delivery of your production practically seamless. Each of our clients receives a digital player (and free installation), so every time you need new audio, we produce your messaging, make sure you approve, then download the highest quality digital sound to your player. That’s it! (Works just like magic.)


Clients from all walks of business

Name an industry, any industry, and we’ve probably helped boost their volume. From household names like John Deere, Revlon, Carrot-top, and Greene Resources… as well as your favorite mom and pop shop—we’ve produced audio for businesses of all shapes and sizes for the past seventeen years. So if your company has a telephone system or web site, chances are our Raleigh audio marketing and messaging services are a perfect fit. Call today 919-832-2220.



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